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Information for Parish Staff in the Diocese of Sydney

The Sydney Diocesan Archives welcomes deposits of parish records.

The Sydney Diocesan Archives now holds, cares for, and conserves, the church and parish records of approximately 360 churches within the Diocese of Sydney.

The Sydney Diocesan Archives is the appropriate repository for all records deemed worthy of permanent retention created by offices and officers of the Diocese of Sydney. Parishes are not obliged by ordinance to deposit their records into the Sydney Diocesan Archives, but many wish to do so. Please do not hesitate to contact the Sydney Diocesan Archivist for advice and guidance on deposit of church and parish records, as deposits of parish and church records are actively welcomed. Parish staff are encouraged to contact the Sydney Diocesan Archivist to discuss any aspect of the management of their records, of the administration of archival records, or to obtain advice on any related matters (such as storage and conservation).

With every year, another church or parish finds itself in the new position of having amassed a collection of older records, which requires care and storage. Yet in many cases there is no adequate storage, staff time, or funding, to provide proper care for these records on-site, and so the staff of the church or parish turn to the Sydney Diocesan Archives to assist with the solution to this problem.

The Sydney Diocesan Archives has created an extensive document explaining the obligations for parishes under ordinances, and tips for records storage, and the process for transferring records to the Archives.

All of the records created by a church or parish are valuable and unique documentary evidence of the activities of that church or parish. The work of every church and parish in this diocese will be of interest to historians in the future. The diligence of parish staff and the Sydney Diocesan Archives in caring for these records will ensure that church and parish collections will be available to provide a unique and irreplaceable record of the work of the past and present.

Parish records are Diocesan records and should not be donated to the State Library or any other archive.

These factsheets will help you develop a consistent and best practice approach to looking after the records in your parish.

What parish records should I keep?

How should I care for our parish records?

What are the Ordinances and Regulations regarding parish records?

How do I deal with digital records in our parish?

Transferring records:

How can I prepare my records for the transfer to the Archives?

Are you Ready to Deposit your Records?

Deposit Form - Digital (to be completed on computer or device) (.xlsx) Preferred

Deposit Form - Manual - Registers (to be printed and completed by hand) (.xlsx)

Deposit Form - Manual - Other Record Types (to be printed and completed by hand) (.xlsx)

Research access for parish historians

Parish historians can visit the Sydney Diocesan Archives in order to undertake research using their own parish records which have been previously deposited, or to undertake wider contextual research using diocesan records. Parish historians are encouraged to contact the Sydney Diocesan Archivist to enquire about relevant holdings within the collection, and to arrange an appointment to undertake research. In the case of research visits, a Letter of Introduction from the Minister-in-charge will be required. Please read our page for Researchers and Historians for further information on the conditions of access.

Building and Heritage Conservation Projects

Parish staff frequently refer to the Sydney Diocesan Archives for information about faculties, plans and specifications, to assist with proposed changes, or new building projects, connected with churches, halls, rectories, burial grounds, columbaria, and all types of church property. Please see the page for Heritage Architects & Consultants