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Former Residents of Children's Homes

Anglican children's homes in the Diocese of Sydney were managed by a variety of organisations. The Sydney Anglican Home Mission Society, under the auspices of Anglicare, now provides assistance with respect to most of these homes.

The Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney has owned and operated many children's homes for babies, children, and young persons.

These homes were operated by a variety of Sydney diocesan organisations, often with similar names. Most of these homes are now closed. Most of their governing organisations were (at various times) merged into the administrative structure of the Sydney Anglican Home Mission Society (SAHMS). SAHMS still exists for the purposes of storing some records, and responding to any issues that arise from these homes. SAHMS now falls under the auspices of Anglican Community Services.

Specific individual files of persons who were residents in these children’s homes (Care Leavers) are not held by the Sydney Diocesan Archives. The majority of the files about individual Care Leavers are held and managed by Anglicare’s Care Leaver Archive Officer.

The Sydney Diocesan Archives holds some of the administrative records created by the governing bodies of these children’s homes. Limited incidental personal information relating to residents in the homes appears in these records.

If you had experiences whilst living in one of these Homes which caused you distress, you may wish to contact Anglicare’s Pastoral Care and Assistance Scheme Caseworker.
Records created by the governing organisations of Marella Mission Farm, Kellyville, both administrative and about home residents, formerly held by the Moore Theological College Archives, Newtown, are now held by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). Please contact AIATSIS for access information.

Anglicare frequently assists Care Leavers, and their descendants, with provision of access to individual Care Leaver files and other relevant records. However, not all of the files from all of the homes have survived. Some homes are well represented in the records, while some homes have few surviving files. Some files are quite extensive, some have only a few pages.

If you wish to discuss your own file, or that of your parent or relative, please contact Anglicare.