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For Family Historians

The Sydney Diocesan Archives is NOT funded to provide a family history research service, and it not possible to visit the Sydney Diocesan Archives to view the registers. This policy exists to protect the records, as repeated use of volumes for family history research would cause damage to documents which are in many cases already fragile.

However, we do recognise that family history research is a popular and expanding field. Accordingly, in order to enable the contents of our registers to be made available to family historians, most of the baptism, banns, confirmation, marriage, and burial registers held in the Sydney Diocesan Archives have been microfilmed, up to circa 1930.

We are currently preparing for a mass digitisation project with, which will provide even wider public access to the information contained in our baptism, confirmation, banns, marriage, and burial registers.

Joint Copy Project

For over 25 years, the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG), in conjunction with the Mitchell Library (part of the State Library of NSW in Sydney) and the National Library of Australia (NLA, in Canberra), has been engaged in the ongoing Joint Copy Project (JCP) to microfilm parish registers containing data of relevance and interest to genealogists.
The SAG has borrowed many volumes from the Sydney Diocesan Archives, and from churches and parishes within the Diocese of Sydney, for microfilming as part of the JCP.
These microfilms are photographic copies of the registers, so family historians can undertake their own research, and view an image of the register and the actual entries. The microfilms are available at the SAG in Sydney, at the Mitchell Library in Sydney and the NLA in Canberra.
In addition, many family history societies and libraries in suburbs and towns throughout NSW have purchased copies of the microfilms relevant to their own areas and districts, so local researchers are not disadvantaged by distance from the cities.

You should always check the microfilm collections at the SAG & SLNSW before contacting the Sydney Diocesan Archives

Society of Australian Genealogists

Family historians should contact the SAG directly to find out about their facilities, services, and charges.
SAG telephone: +61 / 2 / 9247-3953
SAG postal address: Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000
New SAG Research Centre: Level 2, 379 Kent Street, Sydney
SAG website:

State Library of New South Wales

The State Library of NSW has a family history service. It is located in the family history area on Lower Ground 2 of the State Reference Library. They have family history librarians to assist you with your research.

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

The NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages provides an on-line search facility for primary family history research. They provide a step-by-step guide to research, and you can purchase certificates online via their website.

Their online records cover:
Registry records from 1856 to ...
• births over 100 years
• deaths over 30 years
• marriages over 50 years.
• Early church records (1788-1855 baptism, marriage, burial)

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